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For the effective prevention and defence of unwanted, unobserved deviation of information we will stand by you with all our knowledge, our longstanding experience, we are at your side for the following services.

  1. Planning and performance of professional electronic counter measures with most modern ranging technique and equipment for the secure monitoring of various kinds (e.g. bugs etc.)

  2. Conference protection by clearing of the conference room before the determined date, as well as the discrete permanent measuring and testing of the room during the confidential meetings (unvisiable and soundless).

  3. Producer neutral consultation, training and expertise in matters:

Risk analysis and preventive measures
high quality anti-bugging systems
significant data encryption
interception protected rooms

Outsiders and non-informed persons in your surroundings will not notice your mandating us resp. our services in your premises.

Imperceptible and discrete we will this way build a functional data safety wall (bulwark) around you, which in future will give back to you planning security resp. your privicy.

You can contact us in accordance with page “The Contact”.