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Only such a person can defend who has learned to attack and therefore realistically can evaluate the points of attack. For the effective defense one has to be able to estimate the technically possible and financially justified possibilities of the interceptor.

The actual overview over the internationally procured espionage utensils, as well as the constant contact to the producers of anti-interception devices can guaranty a realistic evaluation of the situations with the clients. Mr. Huth therefore visits very often the development laboratories of various producers. Only the constant contact to these developers and amateur constructors can prevent one from the daily growing development of electronic and system devices in this area and thereby the interceptor can be slowed down.

Effectively defending means to let the interceptor believe that one did not notice the interception attack resp. did not think about it nor do not want to fight against it. An interceptor awaiting the research of his espionage case, will naturally try to remove, to destroy or at least to deactivate the signs of his attack. The latter causes e.g. the disconnection of the well tried remote controlled bugs of the transmitter unit. The discovery of a non-transmitting bug is much more sumptuous than the detection of an active mini-transmitter. Whereby the many different kinds of bugs display a lot of the attacking techniques, but only the variety of the intercepting attacks and thereby the kinds of attacks depend only on the imagination and the financial means of the attacker.

Who knows that the documents or pictures processed on his computer screen can be easily reproduced in real time on another screen only by evaluating the betraying high frequency emissions (certainly in computer-aided-design quality). This way any trained television engineer or blessed amateur can look onto the price calculations of his neighbour craftsman in real time.This betraying emission, a not to be neglected information loophole, naturally should not be overlooked by the monitoring cameras. The defending measure against this kind of espionage is very unspectecular and nevertheless very important. One only has to know about it and constantly keep an eye on the further development of this kind of attack.

The devices, still defending today, can be obsolete in a few days and thereby be a higher danger potential than the unknowingly neglected defense measures. The businessman, feeling safe with his obsolete, non-functional defense device, comes in quite handy for the intercepting attacks of his competitor.

Not only the actuality but also the quality of the installed interception protection measurements are of crucial meaning. Whoever believes that he can start for instance with a broadband detector or a field strength measuring device worth a few hundred Euros serious electronic counter measures, should invite the interceptor immediately into his private premises. This way both of them can spare the costs for the techniques and the interceptor gets what he wants.

To seriously and effectively handle interception counter measures, is essentially more cost intensive than to proceed an interception attack. While for an interception attack one can decide for one measure or a combination of effectively installed auxiliary devices, an effectively installed electronic counter measure has to defend all possible kinds of attacks resp. detect them. This presumably acquires solid expertise but also electronic units enabling one to evaluate a broad spectrum of all possible methods of espionage attacks and techniques. Functional counter measuring equipment cannot be acquired for an amount below a five-digit Euro, leave alone the expertise while reading a manual.

Based on the above mentioned facts and experiences within the last years, an effective counter strategy has been developed which cannot be detected by outsiders, based on the anti-bugging briefcase MO 2055 III (internationally known and also used by various secret services). The aforementioned anti-bugging briefcase is equipped with means of detection and defense of interception attacks in an exceptional range of accomplishments and can be, masked as a normal briefcase, inconspicuously taken to any place of service. This anti-bugging briefcase is manually produced in a German laboratory and will be on the lastest level of techniques via software-update, and contains a noiseless room supervision, which allows the detection and localizing of interception devices (without the knowledge of the interceptor). To discover the interceptor resp. to feed him with false information in the future, is given with this masked method of defense.

Electronic counter measures were successful either when one has detected an interception attack or can with high probability exclude such an interception attack at this point of time.

One hundred percent security cannot be achieved in this field, but one can – with an experienced partner at his side – effectively and solidly attack a data-GAU and thereby fight against the more frequently appearing thefts of information in our society.

Our knowledge for your security and future.