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When amatuers with a budget of a few Euros can cause damages of millions to a company, than this is nothing exotic. On the contrary it is today’s reality with which we are is confronted again and again during his anti-bugging operations.

In times of private internet connections anyone person (whether amateur-spy or industry espionage specialist) is enabled to rearm oneself with cheap or highly qualified interception devices, to detect for instance the intrigues of the hated wife or the intentions and possibilities of the new business partner, and so on, and so on ……

The risk of the eavesdropper to be caught during the interception action tends towards zero. Who is in possession of protecting anti-bugging system, leave alone the knowledge to protect oneself either commercially or privately against these actions.

According to the estimation of the production companies, presently there are between 500,000 to 1,000,000 interception devices in the possession of private individuals.

If one has already visited a security professional fair, e.g. the “security” in Essen, can report the facts that the fair booths mostly visited and highly overcrowded are those of the interceptor tenderers.

With a bug of the size of a sugar cube or a rice grain, which only costs a few hundred Euros, the development progress, advancement in competition or even complete livelihoods can be destroyed within a very short period of time.

Our clients in the meantime are formed mostly of civil perons who are wealthy, prominent and therefore rewardably assailable for anyone interceptor and thereby an interesting target. Information about these very important persons can be used by the interceptor for criminal efforts or simply be sold to the highest bidder. The value of such information can easily be in the range of five to six digit figure amounts.

Industry, racing events, middle class firms, soccer, real estate sales, a.s.o., a.s.o.; all these aforementioned projects and ventures are connected with very much money and know-how. Money which cannot be put into relation with the effective costs of an interceptor attack.

Little gifts preserve the friendship and the flow of information.

Solar pocket calculators, ashtrays and other commodities are the most liked containers for bugs. Briefcases, replenished with a bug, which can be left behind in the confenrece room while making an urgend telephone call, and the mobile phone in combination with it, left behind in the briefcase is used as a receiver for the bug in the briefcase, to intercept both innocent business partners in the meantime, can be bought since many years including the instructions and users’ manual for a few hundred Euros.If a babyphone has the form of a multiple socket and, based on the available line circuit, enables a constant control, than this is also only one of the many saleable simple possibilities of espionage, being on hand for an interceptor.

GSM bugs, micro cameras, telephone bugs, directional microphone, body sound microphones, laser interception devices, intercepting by computer; to spy and record from safe distance screen displays, is only a question of money involved and performance capacity of criminal users. “Ball point pens with built-in high capacity bugs are Euro 49,- please. Thank you. Can I offer you something else ?”

Within the last years the willingness to use the partially aforementioned technical interceptor devices has also increased as well as all other anti-social excesses of our high performance society (e.g. mobbing).

The feeling of affiliation of individual employees of the company is no longer what it used to be. Each one of them is fighting for himself and certainly more successful than all others, if he is ahead with better information. To be in front of the others in knowledge is a victorious negotiation position in all situations of life. Who could deny these facts ?

With the aforementioned we don’t want to give the impression, that an intercepting attack can be lightly taken in any way or can be justified in any way by a private person. Each interceptor will be interrogated by the public prosecutor (if he gets caught) in court and this has nothing to do with a gentlemen’s behaviour. Contrary, we would like to open the eyes of each potential victim with a personal or written word to beware of these commonplace methods of attack

Those people who have been detected and convicted were no monsters or agents 007. Mostly they were inconspicious people who you can encounter day by day and who even smile at you very friendly.