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Ansgar Alfred Huth is an educated and international certified Specialist for data protection and counterespionage with a background of 25 years of experience on this field (business and authorities).

His contacts to official and inofficial development laboratories of different companies which produce exclusively for authorities or international Secret-Services, qualify him as a competent person concerning all interception relating matters.

Ansgar Alfred Huth has an international certification and is training european Police- and Special Forces as well as different departments of authorities.
Additional to that he provides exclusive seminars for bodyguard services (private companies and authorities).

Since 30 jears on duty for business companies, Mr Huth accompanied the development of the first BMW turbo-engine for the formula one, decisions of nuclear power station managements up to the surveillance of fuel element disposal. Since many years he is consulting stock exchange listed companies concerning data protection and anti-interception very successfully and is proud about the confidence of Managers, Directors and VIPs he has acquired during the period of consulting.

Next to several special educations in different security fields Mr. Huth is updating his knowledge about of anti-interception and bug screening with authorities in Germany and other countries. Some reports about the services and technics can be found in the international press (see the german page “press reports”).

In the case of larger orders we assure our clients, together with a special team of a former authority which consults more then 50% of the stock exchange listed companies, a solid protection during a whole year.